Gromazen R9 was the Mechanical Beast that attacked the Kabuto House in episode 3 of Mazinger Z.

Appearance Edit

Gromazen R9 is similar to Mazinger but is colored blue and it has blades on the forearms and antennae dishes on the "ears".

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Gromazen R9 has razor sharp blades on the forearms which he spins around and launches, making it a deadly attack, he also has searchlights in the eyes. On the tip of his finger there's a cable with a camera to hunt and spy people.

History Edit

Gromazen was deployed at night heading toward the Kabuto House where Koji had dinner with Shiro, Sayaka, Boss, Nuke and Mucha until Gromazen wrecked the party, looking around and inserting the spy cable looking for Koji, then it found Sayaka and everyone escaped to the Photon Lab where Koji activated Mazinger and fought Gromazen until the previous one overheated because he fired the ion rays and blew up.

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