Juzo Kabuto was grandfather to Koji and Shiro Kabuto, father of Kenzo Kabuto. Being a renowned scientist, he discovered Japanium, main ingredient of Super Alloy Z and eventually Mazinger Z


Juzo at some point studied robotics and archeology, on a mining trip near Mt. Fuji, he discovered a new element which he called Japanium, ten years later, in a expedition to Bardos, along scientists around the world, found the Mycenae Empire and the Talos, at which they reconstructed, at this point, a scientist who calls himself Dr. Hell, took control of the robots and killed the scientists, only which Juzo escaped. At some point he fathered a son named Kenzo, which in turn fathered two sons, Shiro and Koji, one day, Kenzo and his unnamed wife died in an accident, after which, he revived Kenzo and to protect his grandsons from psychological shock, took him under his care.


Dr. Kabuto had aged white hair, a bald spot and mustache.

Personality Edit

Dr. Kabuto grew restless due to his work on Mazinger Z, he loves and trusts his family, shown when he gave Mazinger to Koji, when originally he was supposed to pilot the mech.


Juzo Kabuto was a brilliant scientist famed for discovering Japanium, however, only he knew about Dr. Hell about to invade the world, to which he designed and created giant robots to battle Dr. Hell, only which Mazinger Z made it past production. Other robots included Minerva X and others, which were not named and appeared very briefly.

History Edit

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