The Photon Power Laboratory is the main location during Mazinger Z. Originally devoted to studying Photonic Power add the name implies, however after Dr. Hell started to send waves of Mechanical Beasts, it served as to stop the threat. It was founded by Juzo Kabuto but was directed by Gennosuke Yumi after Juzo retired.


The Photon Lab is white with two tall spires, a hangar where Sayaka's robots and the Mazinger Army are stored, it has a mine where Japanium is found, it has a pool where Mazinger and Energer are hidden.

Purpose Edit

The Photon Lab investigates the properties of Photonic Energy and its application, after the threat of Dr. Hell and his lieutenants, it searched for ways to fight the threat.

Defense System Edit

The Photon Lab didn't have any defense system,only a Photonic Energy barrier which is not indestructible, it mainly depends on Mazinger for protection for the first part of the series, after the Photon Lab was destroyed by Genocider F9, it had a missile system and a antenna dish that shot pure Photonic Energy enough to destroy a Mechanical Beast and part of the Ghoul.

History Edit

The Photon Lab was founded by Juzo Kabuto where he discovered Japanium, after his retirement, the Photon Lab was directed by Gennosuke Yumi, it was used to fight Dr. Hell, after he was defeated, it provided energy for Tokyo and the Science Fortress Laboratory, something the Mycenae Empire never discovered.

Staff Edit

Juzo Kabuto (Founder, retired scientist)

Gennosuke Yumi (Head scientist)

Suzuki, Yamamoto, Yoshida, Watanabe, Sasaki, Matsumoto, Saito and Owada (Staff)

Koji Kabuto (VIP and pilot)

Sayaka Yumi (Pilot)

Masao Oide (Pilot)

Shun Azuma (Pilot)

Lori & Loru (Pilots)