Sayaka Yumi was the main female character in Mazinger Z. She is the daughter of Gennosuke Yumi and girlfriend of Koji Kabuto, she seemed to think that no one else could love Koji except her even when Koji made Sayaka mad. She piloted Aphrodite A, the short-lived experimental robot Venus G and Artemis A, in Grendizer she piloted the Drill Spazer.

Appearance Edit

Sayaka is an attractive teenager with long brown hair with a pink hairband. She usually wears the latest clothes but had no interest in fashion. He first pilot suit was a white skin tight suit with a pink sash tied at the waist and a matching helmet with a clear visor, her second pilot suit was a pink and white blazer with an orange belt, gray boots and matching helmet.

Personality Edit

Sayaka normally is kind and friendly, but she is independent and tomboyish, she is smart but not enough to get her out of trouble.


Gennosuke YumiEdit

Sayaka loves his father, but she ignores him when he tells her to stay away from battle.

Koji and Shiro KabutoEdit

Sayaka generally goes along well with both, she only dated once with Koji, unfortunately when Gorias W3 attacked the Photon Lab, most of the time they loved each other until Sayaka got abducted and put in the Grogos G5 and she got a little trouble getting over that. She treated Shiro as if he were her younger brother.

Hikaru MakibaEdit

Sayaka liked Hikaru's company, even though Sayaka didn't know about Hikaru's feelings toward Duke.

Duke FleedEdit

Sayaka respected and sometimes try to help Duke when he remembered Planet Fleed.

Abilities Edit

Sayaka is smart and can take on a Mechanical Beast alone for a while, if Aphrodite A can hold up, she piloted her robots with little difficulty until she got used to it, however, she mastered the Drill Spazer with a little trouble at first.