The year 2048. DR Kyosuke Kirisawa and his two young assistance Daisuke Nakamura and Yuko Makiba are working on the mysterious NEXT Project.Ome year before a mysterious white figure gave a sample of a mysterious "alive" energy to him.Kirisawa decided to create this kind of energy by himself using this sample.Howewer Kirisawa's lab was attacked by a Mysterious UFO .During the attack another UFO appeared and tried to save Kirisawa's lab but it was completely destroyed and Kirisawa himself has just disappeared.Two years lster Daisuke and Yuko who now work on te millitary organization calked UNO meat with this UFOs once again and finaly discover a secret of the Mysterious Energy(which is called "Photon Energy now) .A great battle between good and evill begins.


Daisuke Nakamura

Duke Fleed

Yuuko Makiba


Dr Kyosuke Kirisawa

General Hiroki Fujisawa

Captain Tetsuya Tsurugi

Lieutenant Jun Hono

Professor Gosaku Yumeno


The King

Space Creatures